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Two Ways to Use Your Blog

We have two great ways for you to use the watch blog:

If you do not currently have a blog:

We create a syndicated Blog with your name, store info and 2-3 posts per week that  go up automatically on your site — you only need to key in your links if you want them and, of course, Facebook and Twitter efforts. Additionally, you can now spend time creating truly customized content once a week or once a month as you like, that is genuinely store-specific and newsworthy to your consumers.


If you already have a blog:

If you already have your own blog, you can use our content to offset your content and free up you and your the marketing coordinator to focus on the more important aspects of what you do.

The Syndicated content is designed to educate and inform your customer and to get them into your store.

For those with Social Media marketing departments or coordinators:

We know most retail owners and presidents enjoy the concept of having a blog, but we also know that the marketing/social media coordinators may find it a threat to their jobs, until they understand that this concept gives them the support they need — in the way of content — so they can branch out and spend their time on store-related content, social media marketing and other important aspects of  their job instead of trying to find and write meaningful content. Essentially we provide you with content so you are freed up to really focus on your job.

Note: Jewelers can choose to use our content as their own private content, with no attribution back to Naas, or to use the line “Syndicated content by Roberta Naas” or to credit Roberta Naas with a byline — whatever works best in each particular circumstance.