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Howard Cohen

Howard Cohen of HSC Communications uses his 30 years of jewelry-industry experience as a journalist, editor, website developer and online-media specialist to help retail jewelers communicate clearly and effectively with their customers.

HSC Communications has served the jewelry industry since 1991, specializing in newsletters, website development and custom publishing. He created National Jeweler’s ”Your Jeweler & You” customized newsletter program and currently manages the “Customer Connect” website program for retail jewelers. In 2011,  Howard created The Jeweler Blog, which currently serves 160 jewelers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Howard is a frequent guest blogger for The Daily Shine/InStore magazine.

I’ve worked with retail jewelers since I began my career 30 years ago. I covered their issues as a journalist and helped them create promotional publications and websites that actively engage customers. I understand the challenges facing jewelers today and I’m happy to work with them on such a dynamic, proven and results-driven new social-media program such as The Watch Blog.