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Where Content Is King

The Watch Blog, ghost written by watch-industry expert and author, Roberta Naas, is a brilliant way to bring news, trends and expert commentary to an audience hungry for the latest information about fine timepieces.


Be the Watch Authority

The Watch Blog positions you as the local watch authority, clearly propelling you into the 21st century and making you the “must-see” destination for true watch shoppers. 

The Beauty about Blogging

Done correctly, with strong, consistent content,  all of your social media channels work together with your store, one driving traffic to the other, giving your store priority status with current and potential customers.

We Support Your Team

Whether you have an in-house social media department, employ an outside agency, or are trying to do it on your own, our expertly written columns remove the burden of coming up with new content, freeing time for more vital tasks. 

No Time For Social Media? No Problem!

With combined jewelry and watch experience of  50+ years,  we create content in the voice of the retailer – doing the research, writing and posting of content that frees your social media/marketing people to focus on other important aspects of their job.

Bring Customers from Eyeing to Buying

Today’s consumers shop on line first. With the Watch Blog, you engage them with your expertise and knowledge –drawing them into your store as their first choice “must visit” store.

Exclusive In Your Service Area

Check out our interactive pin map to see who is already engaging customers on a regular basis by using The Watch  Blog social-media and blogging service.

Award-Winning Timepiece Coverage

For over 30 years, Roberta Naas has written extensively about timepieces and jewelry for a variety of esteemed consumer publications, internet sites and companies. 

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